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Girivasi Seva Mandal Kalyan’s MURLIDHAR NANAJI MOHITE ARTS, COMMERCE & B.M.S College Khodala-Jogalwadi, founded in 2013, is an Arts , Commerce & B.M.S College affiliated to University Of Mumbai. Maharashtra, India. an educational agency known for its unfading vision and mission, in the field of higher education.
The motto, on the crest, chosen for the college, “Truth Liberates” neatly sums up the aim of the College. It aims at liberating the younger generation from the darkness of ignorance by leading them into the light of truth which knowledge provides. The purpose of education is the cultivation of the head and the heart of the young and MNMG College, makes an earnest effort in this direction.

The institution endeavors to inculcate human values in the minds of the young, a deep faith in God, love for their fellow men and devotion for the mother land.  This College lays great stress on academic excellence and self-discipline.